if you're reading this, you've stumbled upon the most boring and, frankly, the dumbest site on the internet.

as of 2022, i will no longer be updating the site.
i lost all interest in updating it. i'm not gonna make excuses for myself.
i might return one day. who knows.

i made this site as a place to vent my (almost always irrational) frustrations. prior to making this site, i used to vent on a locked "deep private" twitter account, as they call it. but i run the risk of getting my account deleted, due to twitter's love for censorship. this isn't my first time on neocities, i have several sites that are probably collecting dust now. but that doesn't matter.

i want to share my suffering with everyone, and i will not censor myself. if you know you have a trigger, a squick, or something you don't want to see, you will most likely find it here. if you're not cool with that, please click away.
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